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Outstanding Features of Shubham Fe500+ and Fe 500D Reinforcement Bars


Ensured Quality of Raw Materials
Shubham Reinforcement bars are made from in –house, continuously cast and chemically treated billets which eliminate possibilities of tramped air and impurities being present in conventional ‘ingots’ which lower the strength of the finished bar.


Better Rust & Corrosion Resistance
Shubham Reinforcement Bars exhibit better rust and corrosion resistance properties due to controlled water-cooling that prevents the formation of coarse carbides which is a significant factor leading to corrosion in ordinary bars. Another reason for such corrosion resistance attributes is the absence of surface torsion stresses which is a side-effect of the conventional cold twisting process.


Advanced fire Resistance
Shubham Reinforcement Bars are characterized by high thermal stability. So even when subjected to temperatures as high as 600”C or more, Shubham Reinforcement Bars do not exhibit metal fatigue and weakening of structural composition even in high-stress fire hazard situations.


High Weldability      
Due to its low carbon content, it can be butt-welded or lap-welded using ordinary retiles coated electrodes of matching strength. Shubham has perfected the technology of balancing the percentage of carbon content in steel by restricting the carbon content to 0.2 per cent to attain weldability and ensuring that its strength is not lost. This ensures no weakening of joints during welding. The joints can be welded by ordinary electrodes and no extra precautions are required.


Exceptional Earthquake Resistance
According to ISI standards, steel bars are required to have 14.5% elongation in earthquake prone areas. Due to its soft ferrite-peartite core all Shubham Reinforcement Bars guarantee elongation between 15 and 23%, enabling the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading.


High Bonding Strength
Shubham Reinforcement Bars are manufactured by a design process that ensure prominent, consistent and accurately distributed rib depth and closer rib spacing ensures excellent bonding with concrete.


Higher Flexibility
Shubham Reinforcement Bars are preferred by users because they exhibit very high bendability and also re-bendability features due to lower carbon content. Superior ductility allows the bars to be bent or re-bent into the desired configuration easily without losing strength at the bend.


Excellent Value for Money
Shubham Reinforcement Bars are new generation high strength bars with usable yield strengths in excess than required to meet Fe-500 grade and Fe 500D standards. It helps Shubham Reinforcement Bars take higher stress levels, resulting in lower consumption of bars than other conventional bars. In turn, it helps in customers save valuable money and avoids unnecessary loads on the structure.


Superior Dimensional Tolerance
Shubham Reinforcement Bars conform to IS: 1786 standards for dimensional tolerances and has section weight generally lower than found on other bars. This also leads to savings in cost by volume and carriage costs.


High Utility Value
Shubham Reinforcement Bars bear high tensile strengths. Depending on the size and grade, Reinforcement Bars with hardened periphery of about 15 to 30 per cent of the cross sectional area of the bar are ideal for civil constructions(houses, offices) etc.


Assured Highest Standards
Shubham Reinforcement Bars conform to IS 1786, ASTM A6 15: German BSt 500 of Din 488, British Gr.450 of BS 444-1978, Topar 500s of SIA 162: French Fe E50 of NF A35-046 and other international standards. Customized versions as per a customer’s stand alone specifications can also be produced


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