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The complete integrated production facilities at Kohinoor steel incorporate the entire Reinforcement Bar manufacturing process under one roof, which gives it an edge in total quality control over input & output. The various steps that make the complete integration are as follows:

1. Coal Washery Unit : Kohinoor Steel has its own 1.3 million tonne per annum Coal Washery Unit, where the impurities of coal is removed using the double-stage cyclonic separation process. The washed coal helps in maintaining a good and stable production of Direct Reduced Iron (D.R.I.) also known as sponge Iron.

2. Direct Reduced Iron (Sponge Iron) Unit : Kohinoor’s  own 1.5 lacs tonne per annum capacity D.R.I. plant helps in fulfilling its total requirement of DRI. The D.R.I. Unit is 100 % automated and constant monitoring of various parameters by highly qualified and skilled operators helps in attaining the best industry standards.

3. Steel Melting Shop (SMS) Unit : It consumes its own in-house produced DRI and along with a few other raw materials and are molted into a liquid metal. The liquid metal is transferred to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) through pre-heated ladle where it is converted into billet. Every billet made affirms to the quality standards of BIS.

4. Ladle Purging Unit : Molten metal from the furnace is tapped into the ladle from furnaces. Purging is done to the molten metal to the ladle to achieve homogenous chemistry & temperature throughout the ladle.

5. Continious Casting Unit : After purging the ladle is taken to continuous  casting machine which transforms Molten metal into solid on a continuous basis. This process is the most efficient way to solidify large volumes of metal into “semi finished” billets for subsequent rolling in the rolling mills.

6. Reheating Unit : It is a Process of Reheating the billets upto the re-crystallization temperature (1150 c).The re crystallization temperature is very important because at this temperature the rolling process can be started effective without destroying the bonding.

7.Rolling Mill Unit : Once the billets reach the desired rolling temperature, they are brought outside the furnace. With the help of rolling conveyor, these billets are made to pass through the first stand i.e. roughing sand, with this, the process of gradual size reduction of billets begins.Following roughing mill,the size is further reduced in intermediate and finishing mill.

8.Quenching Unit : Kohinoor utilizes the internationally proven German Technology, “THERMEX” the double cooling systematic & measured treatment converts the ordinary ribbed bar into a high grade TMT bars.

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